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*  Debbie was born on May 18
in Morganfield, Kentucky. 

*  Debbie grew up in Henderson, Kentucky. 

*  Debbie had a dog named Spike when she was a kid. 

*  Debbie has two brothers. 

*  Debbie has one fantastic
husband, Eric, and three wonderful children. 

*  Debbie has a dog named Shadow. 

*  Debbie wrote Slime Wars and Slime Time
with her oldest son, Nathan. 

*  Debbie used to live in Colorado and PA.

*  Debbie currently lives in Tennessee.

*  Debbie's favorite Bailey School Kids' book is:
Skeletons Don't Play Tubas .  

*  Debbie likes to play tennis and basketball.

*  Debbie likes to scrapbook and her favorite food
is strawberries. 

*  Debbie watched her kids play A LOT of soccer.


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