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Debbie was born on May 18
in Morganfield, Kentucky. 

Debbie grew up in Henderson, Kentucky. 

Debbie had a dog named Spike when she was a kid. 

Debbie has two brothers. 

Debbie has one fantastic
husband, Eric, three wonderful children and one

Debbie has a dog named Carmen. 

Debbie wrote Slime Wars and Slime Time
with her oldest son, Nathan. 

Debbie used to live in Kentucky, Texas,
California, Illinois, Colorado and PA.

Debbie currently lives in Tennessee.

Debbie's favorite Bailey School Kids' book is:
Skeletons Don't Play Tubas.  

Debbie's favorite Mermaid Tales book is 
The Polar Bear Express.

Debbie likes to play tennis and basketball.

Debbie likes to play the piano and her favorite food
is strawberries. 

Debbie watched her kids play A LOT of soccer.


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