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Kilmer’s Pet Monster
(book # 4 in the Bailey City Monsters series)

  1. Bailey City is having a pet contest and everyone is excited! What are the favorite pets of your friends or in your classroom? What is the most unusual pet? Conduct a survey to find out!
  2. Ben, Annie, and Jane never get to see Priscilla Pocus’ pet named Bruno. What do you think Bruno is? A dragon? A tiger? Draw a picture of Bruno.
  3. Design a ribbon or a medal that could be given as a prize in a pet contest.
  4. Boris and Hilda are always offering strange treats like peanut butter and worm cookies. Make-up your own strange treat-but only on paper!
  5. If Kilmer plans to enter Bruno in the Bailey City Pet Contest, he has to be on a leash. It’s one of the rules. Make a list of rules—then have your own pet contest!
  6. Priscilla Pocus speaks in rhymes. There are lots of ways to make rhymes. One was is by writing couplets. That means there are two sentences and the last words of each sentence rhyme. An example of a couplet by Priscilla Pocus:
    • Feline claws, whiskers and fur.
    • I'll scratch your chin and hear you purr.
  7. You can put two couplets together to make a longer rhyme. Try writing your own rhymes!

    Here’s another example from Priscilla to help get you started:

    • Your life is safe in my hand.
    • Jump now upon my command.
    • Into the swirl,
    • My little girl.
  8. Annie explains to Issy that spiders are arachnids. Look up the word "arachnids" at the library.
  9. The prize in the Bailey City Pet Contest is a bicycle. Ben thinks a brand-new bike would be great, but Kilmer likes Ben’s beat-up old bike. What kind of bike would you like? Draw a picture showing what a "cool" bike would be like.
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