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Books for Reluctant Readers LogoDouble Trouble Monsters
(book # 5 in the Bailey City Monsters series)

  • The newest visitor to Hauntly Manor Inn is Professor E. Gore. During his visit, the Hauntlys get two new sculptures. Make your own sculptures using clay or Play-Dough.
  • Ben, Jane, and Annie are building a tree house. Design your own tree house. Draw a picture.
  • Boris always wears a cape that has a red button that looks just like a giant drop of blood. Could his button be magic? Write a story about Boris’ magic button.
  • Ben, Annie, and Jane fine two unusual statues in Hauntly Manor Inn. There are many other famous statues in our country like the Statue of Liberty. Research to find out all about the Statue of Liberty.
  • Are there any statues in your community? Make a picture book of the statues in your community! Share it with your teacher!
  • Statues honor important people. Who do you think deserves to have a statue? Design a statue of an important person in your life.
  • Jane explains that statues can be found in art museums. Visit a nearby art museum.
  • Create your own art museum with your friends. Include drawings, paintings, sculptures, and models of your very own.
  • Ben, Jane, and Annie are worried that Professor E. Gore is making doubles of everything... including monsters! But some doubles are fun—like when you play doubles in tennis and Ping-Pong. Doubles in a game is when four friends play a game using two teams of two players. Make up a game that can be played in teams of two. Then have fun playing doubles with three of your friends!
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