Bridgett Butt Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a pet? I have a dog named Bobo. Bobo is old, but I love him a lot. He got his name from a clown doll that my brother had when he was little.
Do you like sports? I’m pretty good at basketball. Next year I can play volleyball and I want to try that.
  I have one big-eighth-grade-dumb brother, Tom.
Who else lives at your house?
I live with my mom. My parents divorced two years ago. I see my dad a few times a month, but in the summer he takes Tom and me to this cabin by a lake in Wisconsin. It’s pretty cool. We fish and go boating. The bad part is that I miss my mom and Bobo.
Who is your best friend?
Amanda Reynolds and I have been best buds since kindergarten.
Can you swim?
Yep, I learned in Wisconsin.
Do you have a favorite food?
Chewing gum!
What is hanging on your bedroom wall? I have a bulletin board. I also have this flower picture that my grandmother gave me.
When is your birthday? March 13th.
What do you like best at school? Writing.
What’s your favorite color? Green, but I think orange is cool too.
Where do you want to visit? Texas