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 APPEARANCE SCHEDULE: The rest of the time I'm sitting at my desk figuring out which word should come next.

Multi-Cultural Children's Book Day #readYourWorld (Family Literacy Week)

3 (moved to 6th due to flu school closure) Morristown, TN
Hillcrest Elementary
5 World Read Aloud Day Debbie getting into World Read Aloud Day
Caton's Chapel Elem. live
SKYPE: Ms. Conte's school and Mrs. Wake's school
8 Barnes and Noble Knoxville book signingKnoxville, TN
Barnes and Noble 8029 Kingston Pike
9 Knoxville, TN
Mommy and Me Valentine Tea Party (ticketed event-get ticketsA Royal Tea here.
Fox Den Country Club 12284 N. Fox Den Drive 
21 WriteOnCon Online Writers Conference for Kidlit 1:00 PM Eastern
22 Sevierville, TN
Rose Glen Literary Festival
25 Greeneville, TN
Hal Henard Elementary
27 Knoxville, TN
Mooreland Heights Elementary
2 Dr. Seuss' birthday (Read Across America Day)
4 and 5 5 schools in Savannah, TN
20-21 Southern KY Book Festival CANCELLED DUE TO  VIRUS
23 Bailey School Kids Day-

24 Bailey School Kids secrets revealed on Facebook Live today at 2:00 Eastern.
25 Join Debbie for a tour of her writing space on Facebook Live today at 2:00 Eastern
26 Today on Facebook Live, Debbie will write a BSK short story. Will you help her?
27 Debbie will read aloud today on Facebook Live at 2:00 Eastern. Let her know which book you'd like her to read to celebrate Bailey School Kids week.
3 Debbie will read aloud on YouTube Live. at 2:00 Eastern about her most embarassing moment!
Oakridge, TN
Kids Need Mentors School visit
10 Debbie will read aloud on YouTube from Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgers.
15 Sign up now to join Debbie for a Question and Answer session. Ask her your questions and get the answers live via Zoom! Thanks to Emily Shade at Jefferson City Library for organizing this.
17 Debbie will read aloud on YouTube from her soon to be released book, The Winter Princess at 2:00 Eastern.
20-25 Marty the MudwrestlerNational Library Week
Every day this week Debbie will read from her book, Marty the Mudwrestler, at 9:00 Eastern on FacebookLive. The video will be available for viewing afterwards on her author Facebook page.
22 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

24 Debbie will read aloud from Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips on YouTubeLive at 2:00 Eastern.
28 Free Skype Day-cancelled due to pandemic-will do a Zoom Q and A instead.
27-May 1 Children's Book Week-contact Debbie for a Zoom 'Q and A' with your class.
1 May 1 YouTube live reading
2 Hudson, NY
Hudson Children's Book Festival CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
6 Join Debbie for Storytime Live at 6:00 Eastern.
8 YouTube reading on May 8
13 GoogleMeet with Ms. Weissman's second graders from Harrison Elementary.
15 Debbie will read aloud on YouTube at 2:00 Eastern. Thanks Aliens Don't Wear Bracesto Ms. Weissman's class for voting for Aliens Don't Wear Braces for today's read aloud. 
18 Thanks to those who responded on Facebook and joined me for a birthday tea!
22 Debbie Dadey will read aloud this Friday at 2:00 EasternDebbie will read aloud from Books vs Looks on YouTube at 2:00 Eastern.
29 Debbie will read aloud from Ghouls Don't Scoop Ice Cream on YouTube at 2:00 Eastern.
Debbie will not be visiting schools in May 2020.
6 Sevierville, TN
Titanic Summer Reading Program CANCELLED-DUE TO PANDEMIC.
16 Originally scheduled date for the release of the Winter Princess, Mermaid Tales #20. The new release date because of the Pandemic is July 7. 2020.The Winter Princess
20  A special wedding day-recheduled for 2021!
7 New release date for THE WINTER PRINCESS. Debbie will be doing a special Facebook Live summer reading program and giving away a mermaid gift basket. Sorry! Debbie's Facebook Live event did not occur due to technical difficulties! Check out her other Facebook Live videos and her Youtube Channel. Watch and listen to her read chapter three from The Winter Princess here.
13 Athens, TN
Summer reading program-Cancelled due to Pandemic
22 Virtual summer reading half-way celebration with Springboard Summer Program
23 Sevierville, TN
King Family Library-Debbie will no longer attend.
17 Chattanooga, TN
Barnes and Noble
24 Yabba Fest
14 Lexington, KY-Kentucky Book Fair (may be virtual)
Buffalo, NY WNY- cancelled
18 Cumberland Heights School (pending)
29 Lewisburg, PA school pending
June Mermaid Tales #21 will be released! Here's a sneak sketch of the cover. And here's the cover so far!Working copy of the cover of Mermaid Tales 21Mermaid Tales #21
Spring Mermaid Mini Tales #1 to release
June Mermaid Tales #22 set to release
Summer Mermaid Mini Tales #2 to release
Fall Mermaid Mini Tales #3 to release
Spring Mermaid Mini Tales #4 to release
Summer Mermaid Mini Tales #5 to release
Fall Mermaid Mini Tales #6 to release
Spring Mermaid Mini Tales #7 to release
Summer Mermaid Mini Tales #8 to release


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