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Monday March 1, 2010

Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides      Faith, I think I need a unicorn and a sleigh to help me get through all the snow that's been coming down around my house.  I'm glad you liked Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides.  Janel, I am amazed that you bought a case of books for your class.  That was really  nice of you.  Rosalie, I think starting your story in the middle of some action is a good way to begin.  Eeluiah, you make chapter books just like you make any story, only you break the story up into chapters.  Check out my writing page The Worst Name in Third Gradefor tips that might be helpful.
     Giana, you can find out what Bridgett's last name is in the book The Worst Name in Third Grade.  Marissa, I'm glad you like that story.  Sarah, I hope Becky and I will write another story together.  Molly and Emily, thanks for your funny, creative ideas!  Satya, when my hand gets tired, I just take a break.  Amber, I try to practice writing everyday.  I do get ideas from everyone, even from Ghostville Elementarykids who write me here.  Jordan, I think the books I wrote with the most characters would be the Ghostville Elementary books.  Of course, some of the characters were ghosts!  Jaison, I can't write a batman book to sell because someone owns the batman copyright and they would get mad if I used it.  Rachel, Nathan and I only wrote Slime Wars and Slime Time together.  I wrote Giants Don't Go Snowboarding with Marcia Jones.  Dakota and Frances, I've never made a dinosaur or a The Slime Warsjungle book.  Do you think I should?  Nicholas, I've written about 147 books.  Monica, Zachary, and Peyton, Slime Wars is one of my favorites.  Jame, one of my favorite books that I didn't write is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  Caiden, I love to read so I've read lots of books.  Liza, I have three wonderful children. 
     Zoraida, Chelsea, and Alexander, the answer to your The Other Side of Magicquestion is on my book report page.  Vanessa, you might like to look there as well for help with your report.  There's another picture of Carrie in the Cupid magazine.  I'm glad you like Cupids Don't Flip Hamburgers.  Jalynn, I became an author by simply writing stories and asking a publisher if they'd like to make them into books.  My son got his ideas for Slime Wars from things that happened to him at school.  Kimberli, I can't juggle!  Lauren, I'm so glad you like The Other Side of Magic.  Owen, I have written a story where someone goes sky-diving.  I hope it will be published.  Yes Max, I was Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgersdefinitely scared when I went sky-diving.  You can watch me by clicking here.   Hakimah, I like the title of your story.  You can write me at kid's talk.  Nicholas, I've never counted up how many schools I've visted, but it's been quite a few.  I'm going to two next week if the snow doesn't cancel school.  My kids are so happy because they had a snow day on Friday.  We had chocolate chip muffins and fruit for breakfast.  Yum!  Jackson and Shannon, I'm so glad you like my books.  Shannon, your school is great!  Thanks for letting me visit.  Janel, I do love to read and write.  Click here to listen to me read from my first book.  Take care and remember that you are the only you in the entire world!  Best, Debbie

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Saturday February 20, 2010

new Zombies Don't Play Soccer Cover    Hi everyone!  Alan, I like funny books too.  Hopefullyoriginal Zombies Cover we'll get to do more Bailey School Kids books.  We have a proposal into Scholastic right now.  Tifany, John Steven Gurney is the original illustrator of the Bailey School Kids books.  Nathan Hale has done the newer covers.  For instance, on the right is John Steven Gurney's and on the left is Nathan Hale's cover of Zombies Don't Play Soccer.  Thanks for your funny idea.  
     Melissa, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the book that Becky and I wrote together too!  I hope you'll enjoy Keyholders.  Britany and Lauren, I'm glad you like the Keyholders series.  Cadee, the Keyholder books are my newest.  Lauren, thanks for your fun idea.  Allison, I've wanted to write a fairy story for a while.  I keep thinking about it.  I get ideas from lots of places, like from you and from my kids and even from This Side of MagicTV.  
     Terri,  Brianna, and Brooke, the idea for my first book (Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots)came from a bad day.  IVampires Don't Wear Polka Dots wrote it with my friend Marcia in two weeks.  Scholastic bought it as an individual book and it grew into a series.  Ellie, I do love writing.  I also love tennis.  Sometimes when I'm playing tennis it's hard and I'm disappointed when I miss an easy shot.  Afterwards, I think how much fun I had playing.  It's the same way with writing.  Sometimes it's really hard when I'm in the middle of writing something.  Then, afterwards I smile and think, 'man, that was fun!'   So, yes Brooke, I am writing something right now.  Actually, I'm rewriting right now.  I'm changing a story to make it better-which is the hardest part of writing for me.  Ellie, please tell your friend Jolene I said hello and thanks!   Megan, I would recommend that you just write and have fun with it.  Olivia, I wish you good luck with your writing too.  Farley sounds Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonadeawesome.  You might like to check out my writing page
      Jason, I'm glad you like Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade.  Preston, I did write a skeleton book-Skeletons Skeletons Don't Play TubasDon't Play Tubas.  I hope you'll check it out.  Jonathan, Shantel, Brooke and Kelsey I'm so glad you like the Bailey School Kids books.  Rachel, thanks for your funny idea.  I am working on a zombie book.  Mr. Freeborn, thanks so much for your nice note.  I think you have some great students.  What's up back at you Shaelyn.  I'm doing pretty well.  Isabella, I'm so glad Wolfman Don't Hula Danceyou liked Wolfman Don't Hula Dance and Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth.  Did you know that I did write a book about bigfoot?  It's called Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance.  Yes, I have written other series.  You can check them out on my book page.  ttyl, Debbie

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Saturday February 13, 2010

 More snow?  If you're snowed in I hope you have some good Elves Don't Wear Hard Hatsbooks and hot chocolate to snuggle up with.  Olivia, I'm so glad you liked Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats.  Tiffany, your magician idea was great.  If you get a snow day, you might enjoy writing that story yourself.  My writing page might give you some helpful suggestions.   Brittany, I'm glad you liked the title of Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips.  In that story, the kids go to an old west town where they have some adventures, Ghouls Don't Scoop Ice creamincluding meeting up with a ghost!  I hope you'll enjoy the story.   Maggie, I'm glad you like Ghouls Don't Scoop Ice Cream.  The chapter called Super Eddie is one of my favorites.  Your ideas were amazing.  Did you know there's a spaghetti story on my website?  Adam, I like funny stories too.  I'm so glad you like mine.
     Maverick, I really like your name.  I'm so happy you liked Sea Serpents Don't Juggle Water Balloons.  Melissa, when Marcia and I wrote the first Sea Serpents Don't Juggle Water BalloonsBailey School Kids book, we told that Mrs. Jeepers was a vampire.  Our editor thought that was too scary and asked us to make the endings the way they are.  I'm delighted you enjoyed the series and I laughed at your hippi idea.  I hope you'll try out the Keyholder or another one of my series.   Kristen, I'm glad you liked book one of Keyholders, This Side of Magic.  Your idea about a prequel was very interesting.  Meanwhile, I hope you'll try Snow on the side of my housebooks two through four.  Megan, the illustrator of the Keyholders books is Adam Stover.  I do get suggestions from fans.  They have awesome ideas.  Nina, thanks for your well wishes.  I thought the book Becky and I wrote turned out really funny.  It's with Hyperion (a Disney publisher) right now, so we'll see what happens.  I do like the snow-I bet you enjoyed the snow days.  I hope you have a great St. Valentine's Day.  ttyl, Debbie

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Saturday February 6, 2010

Giants Don't Go Snowboarding   Wow, I can't believe the snow falling outside my office window.  It's so pretty.  My son can't wait to get outside and play in it, but we'll have to wait until the blizzard slows down.  He wants to snowboard on this hill close to us, like in Giants Don't Go Snowboarding.
   I hope you'll listen to the new podcast I just put up aboutThe Wrong Side of Magic The Wrong Side of Magic.  Megan, it's fun to write about Eddie, Melody, Howie, and Liza.   Marcia and I also have Carey and Howie in some of the stories.  Brittany, I think your name would be good to put in a story.  Did you know I wrote a book called Ghosts Don't Ride Wild Horses?  I like horses too.  I always thought it would be cool to have one, but I never have.  
Ghosts Don't Ride Wild Horses     Jordan, Kenan, Annika, and Tiffany, I enjoyed your funny ideas.  They made me laugh.  Annika, I've written about 147 books.  Tiffany, I like writing so I don't know how many stories I'll make.  Happy birthday Elizabeth!  I like your funny idea.  I am fine.  How are you?   Mark, I have an idea for another pirate book I'd like to write someday.  Did you know I've written two pirate books with my friend Marcia?  We wrote Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses and Pirates Do Pirates Don't Wear Pink SunglassesRide Scooters.   Shane, I hope your book report went well.  I liked your idea too.  In fact, did you know Marcia and I did write a story about a kid/monster who has a pet monster?  It's called Kilmer's Pet Monster.   Sierra, I am 500,000 plus 6,050 plus 1,000,000 minus 1,506,000 years old.  Shelby, I have been writing about twenty years!  Samar, God bless you! Chloe and Srija, I'm so glad you like my stories.  Srija, good luck with your fantasy.  Shelby, I can't think of a time where that happened.  ttyl, Debbie

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Saturday January 30, 2010

hearts      Check out the Bailey School Kids Cupid magazine.  (My lovely website manager just put it up.)  Hope you'll like it and the other magazines on the Swamp page.  If you're in Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgersthe mood for a Valentine's book, read about Eddie and his 'anti-love' potion in Cupid Doesn't Flip Hambugers.  It's Eddie at his slimy best! 
     Speaking of magazines, I wonder if it'd be cool to have an online kid's magazine where kids would publish their stuff.  Does anyone know of one?  Brielle, good luck Shadow as Harry Potterwith your book!  You and Elizabeth R. might want to check out my writing page.  It's so cool that you write a lot of short stories Elizabeth.  (Write me at Kid's Talk).  Elizabeth, you can find out more things about me on the about me page.  I think a circle is my favorite shape.  Olivia, I do have three dogs (Bailey, Skip, and Shadow).  Jazmin, I'm so glad you like Trolls Don't Like Rollercoasters.  I'm a chicken about rollercoasters, just like Liza.  Do you like them?Trolls Don't Ride Roller-coasters
     Yo to Dinote, John and Juliana!  Iiam, Casey, Daniel, Hannah, Matthew, Laura, Ally, Juliana, and Lauren thanks for your great and funny ideas.  Matthew and Hannah, I actually did write a bulldog story.  It was called Bobby and The Great Green Booger.   I also wrote a book about Mrs. Claus called Mrs. Claus Doesn't Climb Telephone Poles.  Laura, I do think it would be cool if they made a Bailey School Kids movie (a cartoon would be awesome too.)  Megan, I loved your bookmark.  Angels Don't Know KarateI'll tell Becky what you said.  I'm not sure we are going to write more Bailey books.  Do you think we should?  Jessica, I sent my first story to Scholastic.  Good luck to your sister.  If she's an adult she'll want to check out the website.  Brittany, so good to hear from you.  You are awesome.  Athena, I came up with the idea for Angels don't Know Karate because I wanted to write about a nice creature.  I was also taking karate lessons, so Marcia and I put the twoThe Other Side of Magic together.  I'm glad you liked it.  Enya, to see pictures of my books you can click here (my book page).  Tifany, we hope to write more Keyholder books.  We'd like to write about Dracula's sisters and their rescue.  Christopher, I have written about 147 books.  I liked your bongo idea.  Juliana, your bookmark made me hungry! Smile Helen, I'm so glad you like my books.  ttyl, Debbie


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