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Saturday March 27, 2010

Spring is here! YIPPEE!  It's officially spring and I love it.  Nathan, my oldest son, is home visiting from college so we all went to an indoor water park for one night and had a blast.  I went down this toilet bowl thingee that swirls you around and around.  My husband said he was the king because he swirled around four times before he went down. 
     Kamryn, I hope you're enjoying Wizards Don't Need Wizards Don't Need ComputersComputers.  Did you know that I used to be a librarian?  Do you like the new or original cover better?  Yes, Niahti, I do like writing books with don't in the title-I like patterns!
     Sophia, Kids at Temperance St. School, and Alyssa, I'm so glad you love my books.  Do you have a favorite? Sophia, your ideas were so funny and clever!   Bryan, your magician idea was great too.  Grace, it would be neat if they made a movie of the Ghostville Elementary books.  I'll keep my fingers crossed!
     Something amazing happened at my house.  Something that's hardly ever happened in the history of the world-I cleaned my desk!  I had to take a picture Debbie Dadey's officebecause it may never happen again.  Notice the clean desk in the picture!!!  Okay, time to get to work to mess it up, but first I want to congratulate Tracy, Sarah, Lina, and Tonya for winning my books from Books on the House.  Congratulations!  Emerald, do you believe I'm five thousand years old?  Actually you can find out when I was born by Pirates Don't Wear Pink sunglasseslooking at my book report page.  Dylan and Lena, I'm happy that you enjoyed Pirates Don't Wear Sunglasses, which is fiction.  Chloe, I'm glad you loved Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots.  You sound like an amazing reader!  (Lena, that book is definitely one of my favorites because it was the first one I had published.)  tyl, Debbie

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Saturday March 20, 2010

 Dragons Don't Throw SnowballsKamryn and Ashlee, I'm glad you like Dragons Don't Throw Snowballs.  It's actually one of my favorites.  The idea came from a school I visited where the kids really did get trapped by a blizzard.  They had to spend the night at school.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKKI AND KRITIKA from me, Howie, Liza, Eddie, and Melody (they are in all the Bailey School Kids books, but not The Keyholders.)  Isabel and Kamryn, I hope you'll check Skeletons don't Play Tubasout my writing page.  There's a story at the bottom you can write with me.  Tell Maggie hi!  Madeline, thanks for you fun idea.  Did you know I wrote Skeletons Don't Play Tubas with my friend Marcia?  Chris, that's one of my favorites.  Kamryn, Marcia and I have written about 100 books together.  You can see them on my books page.  Let me know your address and I'll send you an autographed bookplate you can stick in Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate
     A big howdy to Alyssa, Lauryn, Itzel, and Adam.  Bailee, I'd love to visit your school, but I have to be invited by an adult.  Maybe your librarian, PTO parent, teacher, or principal would like to contact me.  Kali, I thinkDracula Doesn't Rock and Roll Marcia and  I got the inspiration for Dracula Doesn't Rock and Roll from our husbands, who both play the guitar (but they aren't vampires!)  I hope you'll check out my newest video and win some books!   Jake, I'm glad you like my books.  I have so much fun writing them.  Sabbir, I'm happy you like Bailey School  Kids book #28, Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides.    I've been having great fun this week brainstorming and working on ideas for a new series!  g2g, Debbie

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Monday March 8, 2010

     You guys have such awesome and funny ideas!  Thanks Inside the MagicGina, Vanessa, Roshni, Sara, Rylie, Drake, Lauren, Kristin, Maggie, and Isabel, and Richy.  Tyler, sometimes people suggest ideas and sometimes I get them from something that happens or I simply brainstorm.  A big hello to Ava, Mia, Dillion, and Dylan.  Dillion, some books are harder to write than others.  Jacob, I'm hoping there will be a Keyholders #5, but my editor is still thinking about it.  If all you want to help, you all can write her and tell her you'd like more Keyholders.  You can write to her at Keyholders Editor  175 Fifth Avenue  New York, NY 10010.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.   Nick, Keyholders #3 and 4 are my most recent books.  Casey, I did write the Ghostville books with Marcia Jones.  Yes, I have been lucky Ghosts Be Goneenough to travel out of the country to places like Mexico, Bahamas, Germany, Austria, Bermuda, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Croatia.  Some of them I went to by myself to visit schools, others with my family.
     Gina, Gianna, Nate, Meghan, and Olivia I wish you good luck with your writing.  I'm so glad I inspired you Gianna and Gina.  Nate, you inspired me to do more on my website for writing.  In fact, next week I hope to have a brand new video up about writing.  You and Bridget might like to take a careful look at all the things on my writing page. Scott, the hardest Bailey School Kids book to write wasGhosts Don't Eat Potato Chips Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips.   Sarah and Izzy, you can tell what's it like to be an author from the pictures there.  I also tell a lot about the steps to writing.  Sarah, I hope you'll like The Worst Name in Third Grade.  Meghan, of course you can write a book!   I told Becky about your good wishes.  She said thanks!   Gianna, I do have some games you guys might like to try on my Swamp Page.  One of my favorites is the trivia game.  Play it to see how well you know the Bailey School Kids.  Grace, Cameron, and Connor, there are 51 numbered Bailey School Kids books.  There are more Super Specials and Holiday specials.  Avyn, I guess I've had a lot of practice writing.  I just keep trying!  Soumyaa, I do practice tennis as well, but just for fun.  Lauren M., I hope you'll read Whistler's  Hollow to find out what happens at the end. Danielle, I'll send your school a copy.  Ally, I hope you'll like Slime Wars and Slime Time.  Megan, I hope to make more Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dotsbooks.  I'd love to visit your school.  Ask your librarian or principal to contact me.  Meghan, my first book came out in 1990.  Kara, Damiya, and Nick would you believe me if I said I was a thousand years old?  I am married and my favorite color is blue.  Sam, I think we first thought of Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots on a Wednesday.  Andrea, that was my first book.  Brianna, I have three dogs.  Journi, I like to play tennis.   Aiden, I'm glad you like my books.  Brock, I have been thinking about presidents lately. Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball Chloe, I have watched Jumanji.  Have you read the book?  Izzy and Hope, Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you too.   I hope you'll enjoy Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball.  The honey bee waltz is my favorite part.  Brittany, I hope you have fun at your school dance and I'm glad you like Sea Monsters Don't Ride Motorcycles.  Did you know my husband has a big red Harley and I have a little bitty scooter?   It's beautiful weather here where I live in Bucks County PA.  It's like spring and the sun is shining.  I love it!   ttyl, Debbie

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Monday March 1, 2010

Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides      Faith, I think I need a unicorn and a sleigh to help me get through all the snow that's been coming down around my house.  I'm glad you liked Unicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides.  Janel, I am amazed that you bought a case of books for your class.  That was really  nice of you.  Rosalie, I think starting your story in the middle of some action is a good way to begin.  Eeluiah, you make chapter books just like you make any story, only you break the story up into chapters.  Check out my writing page The Worst Name in Third Gradefor tips that might be helpful.
     Giana, you can find out what Bridgett's last name is in the book The Worst Name in Third Grade.  Marissa, I'm glad you like that story.  Sarah, I hope Becky and I will write another story together.  Molly and Emily, thanks for your funny, creative ideas!  Satya, when my hand gets tired, I just take a break.  Amber, I try to practice writing everyday.  I do get ideas from everyone, even from Ghostville Elementarykids who write me here.  Jordan, I think the books I wrote with the most characters would be the Ghostville Elementary books.  Of course, some of the characters were ghosts!  Jaison, I can't write a batman book to sell because someone owns the batman copyright and they would get mad if I used it.  Rachel, Nathan and I only wrote Slime Wars and Slime Time together.  I wrote Giants Don't Go Snowboarding with Marcia Jones.  Dakota and Frances, I've never made a dinosaur or a The Slime Warsjungle book.  Do you think I should?  Nicholas, I've written about 147 books.  Monica, Zachary, and Peyton, Slime Wars is one of my favorites.  Jame, one of my favorite books that I didn't write is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  Caiden, I love to read so I've read lots of books.  Liza, I have three wonderful children. 
     Zoraida, Chelsea, and Alexander, the answer to your The Other Side of Magicquestion is on my book report page.  Vanessa, you might like to look there as well for help with your report.  There's another picture of Carrie in the Cupid magazine.  I'm glad you like Cupids Don't Flip Hamburgers.  Jalynn, I became an author by simply writing stories and asking a publisher if they'd like to make them into books.  My son got his ideas for Slime Wars from things that happened to him at school.  Kimberli, I can't juggle!  Lauren, I'm so glad you like The Other Side of Magic.  Owen, I have written a story where someone goes sky-diving.  I hope it will be published.  Yes Max, I was Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgersdefinitely scared when I went sky-diving.  You can watch me by clicking here.   Hakimah, I like the title of your story.  You can write me at kid's talk.  Nicholas, I've never counted up how many schools I've visted, but it's been quite a few.  I'm going to two next week if the snow doesn't cancel school.  My kids are so happy because they had a snow day on Friday.  We had chocolate chip muffins and fruit for breakfast.  Yum!  Jackson and Shannon, I'm so glad you like my books.  Shannon, your school is great!  Thanks for letting me visit.  Janel, I do love to read and write.  Click here to listen to me read from my first book.  Take care and remember that you are the only you in the entire world!  Best, Debbie

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Saturday February 20, 2010

new Zombies Don't Play Soccer Cover    Hi everyone!  Alan, I like funny books too.  Hopefullyoriginal Zombies Cover we'll get to do more Bailey School Kids books.  We have a proposal into Scholastic right now.  Tifany, John Steven Gurney is the original illustrator of the Bailey School Kids books.  Nathan Hale has done the newer covers.  For instance, on the right is John Steven Gurney's and on the left is Nathan Hale's cover of Zombies Don't Play Soccer.  Thanks for your funny idea.  
     Melissa, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the book that Becky and I wrote together too!  I hope you'll enjoy Keyholders.  Britany and Lauren, I'm glad you like the Keyholders series.  Cadee, the Keyholder books are my newest.  Lauren, thanks for your fun idea.  Allison, I've wanted to write a fairy story for a while.  I keep thinking about it.  I get ideas from lots of places, like from you and from my kids and even from This Side of MagicTV.  
     Terri,  Brianna, and Brooke, the idea for my first book (Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots)came from a bad day.  IVampires Don't Wear Polka Dots wrote it with my friend Marcia in two weeks.  Scholastic bought it as an individual book and it grew into a series.  Ellie, I do love writing.  I also love tennis.  Sometimes when I'm playing tennis it's hard and I'm disappointed when I miss an easy shot.  Afterwards, I think how much fun I had playing.  It's the same way with writing.  Sometimes it's really hard when I'm in the middle of writing something.  Then, afterwards I smile and think, 'man, that was fun!'   So, yes Brooke, I am writing something right now.  Actually, I'm rewriting right now.  I'm changing a story to make it better-which is the hardest part of writing for me.  Ellie, please tell your friend Jolene I said hello and thanks!   Megan, I would recommend that you just write and have fun with it.  Olivia, I wish you good luck with your writing too.  Farley sounds Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonadeawesome.  You might like to check out my writing page
      Jason, I'm glad you like Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade.  Preston, I did write a skeleton book-Skeletons Skeletons Don't Play TubasDon't Play Tubas.  I hope you'll check it out.  Jonathan, Shantel, Brooke and Kelsey I'm so glad you like the Bailey School Kids books.  Rachel, thanks for your funny idea.  I am working on a zombie book.  Mr. Freeborn, thanks so much for your nice note.  I think you have some great students.  What's up back at you Shaelyn.  I'm doing pretty well.  Isabella, I'm so glad Wolfman Don't Hula Danceyou liked Wolfman Don't Hula Dance and Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth.  Did you know that I did write a book about bigfoot?  It's called Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance.  Yes, I have written other series.  You can check them out on my book page.  ttyl, Debbie

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