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Cupid Does Eat Chocolate

Covered Snails Bookmark

By Linda Valentino (author of It’s Craft Time!)
    • Cardstock: light pink, dark pink, red

Cupid Bookmark imageCupid Bookmark image

  • Two 7mm wiggle eyes
  • Black marker, fine tip
  • ¼” heart punch
  • Hole punch
  • Beacons™ Paper-Tac™ glue
  • Red cord: 20” length
  • Heart pony beads: 4 pink, 1 red
  • Corner punch
  • Scissors


  1. Cut 6 ½” x 3” rectangle from dark pink paper for bookmark.
  2. Cut 4” x 3” rectangle from light pink paper for face; use corner punch to round corners.
  3. Cut curly hair from 4” x 2” dark pink piece of paper; glue to head.
  4. Glue eyes to face; draw pointy nose, smile, and curls on hair with black marker.
  5. Punch two red hearts and glue to ends of smile as cheeks.
  6. Cut 3” x ¾” rectangle, two 1 ¼” x ¾” triangles, and 1” x ¾” heart from red paper.
  7. Cut one light pink heart slightly larger than red heart; punch 3 pink hearts.
  8. Glue red strip to bottom of bookmark for shirt; draw line down center with marker.
  9. Glue triangle collar, pink hearts, and double heart to shirt.
  10. Glue face to bookmark.
  11. Punch hole in top of head; thread red cord through hole.
  12. Make knot 2” from hole; thread 2 pink and 1 red heart beads; knot.
  13. On each end of cords, make knot and thread pink bead; make second knot.
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