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 Giants Don't
(book # 33 in The Adventures of the
Bailey School Kids



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  • The Bailey School Kids enjoy sledding, snowboarding, and snowball fights, but they would like a new winter game to play. With some of your friends, make up new outdoor games to play in the snow, then have your own neighborhood Snow Olympics.
  • Write a list of rules that would help kids stay safe when playing in the snow and when participating in snow sports. Share you rules with you family and friends.
  • Liza and her friends are excited about the weekend trip to the Golden Egg Ski Lodge, but some kids wouldn’t think that was a good vacation. What do you think would be the perfect winter vacation for kids? Just for fun, plan the perfect winter vacation.
  • Liza doesn’t like the way Eddie changes one of her favorite Christmas songs, but sometimes changing the words of a song can be fun. Try it and see!
  • Jack likes cows so much he has pictures of them all over the Golden Egg Ski Lodge. It’s true cows are helpful. After all, that’s where we get things like milk, cheese, and hamburger. Celebrate cows by having someone help you make a milkshake or an ice cream sundae.
  • Jack tells the Bailey School kids they can learn a lot from studying giants. Most people think giants are big, but some people use the word giant to describe someone that’s been very successful in their chosen field. Who are some giants you can look up to in sports? Music? Government? What makes those people "giants" in their fields? Write a letter to a "giant" that you admire. Be sure to tell him or her why you think they are "giants" worth "looking up to."
  • Jack wears a bell to help him remember his best friend. Ask your mom or dad to help you make a gift for a friend or family member. Use yarn, paper, cardboard, and other creative things you can find around your house.
  • Hugh is great at growing beans. Ask your mom or dad to help you plant some seeds Can you make them grow?
  • Hugh Mongus and Jack remind the Bailey School Kids of characters from the fairy tale, Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. Think of a character from your favorite fairy tale. Write a fun story telling what would happen if that character showed up at your school or in your neighborhood!
  • It’s fun to put on a play. Can you and some friends put on a Jack and the Giant Beanstalk play? If you're really feeling brave try jazzing things up and making it a modern day Jack who lives in the big city-maybe Jack even likes to rap!
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