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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where do you get your ideas? Ideas can come from anywhere - even the newspaper!  That's where Debbie and Marcia saw an article for a man who looks for bigfoot.   That's where the idea for Bigfoot Doesn't Square DanceBigfoot Doesn't Square Dance came from. 
Some ideas come from Debbie's children.  Nathan was watching a cartoon and Debbie noticed there was a creature with one eye.  That's where Cyclops Doesn't Roller Skate came from. 
Some kids in Marcia's class were making up titles one day.  They decided on one called Aliens Don't Wear Braces and it became a book that we wrote!
The idea for Wish Upon a Starfish came from a play that Debbie's daughter was in. Debbie has always wanted a horse, so The Secret Sea Horse and her other books about horses come from that!
2. How do you write stories together? Marcia and Debbie write many of their stories Vampires don't Wear Polka Dotstogether.  Their first books was Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots.  Each person writes a few pages and then they compare and change them with each other's help.   If you're really interested in writing, check out Debbie's writing page, as well as Marcia's.

Marcia and Debbie play "hot potato" when they write a story together.  First, they develop a story IDEA and write an OUTLINE of the story.  They each write a few pages of the story, then send their pages over the Internet through e-mail to each other.  They pass their story (the "hot potato") back and forth to each other until they have finished it. 

Marcia and Debbie may have to REWRITE different parts of their story several times before it's finished, like your teacher may have you rewrite your own stories to make them even better! 
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3. Who draws the book cover and inside illustrations? John Steven Gurney did the original illustrations for our Bailey School Kids and Bailey City Monsters SERIES of books, and Nathan Hale has put new cover by Nathan Halecovers on some favorites. Joelle Dreidemy is the illustrator for the Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter books and other artists have created the covers for several of our other books - check them out! (CLICK HERE)  Adam Stower is the illustrator for our Keyholders series. Tatevik Avakyan illustrated the Mermaid Tales series.
4.  What are your favorite books? Santa Claus Doesn't Mop FloorsMarcia's favorites are Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors and Vampires Don't Wear Polka-Dots.  One of Debbie's favorites is Skeletons Don't Play Tubas along with The Polar Bear Express.
5.  What are your hobbies? Marcia and Debbie both enjoy nature and hiking in the woods.  Marcia likes to bead necklaces and bracelets.  Debbie likes to play tennis, read and spend time with her family.  Sometimes she can almost beat her husband at a game of pool in her basement.
6.  What are your favorite colors? Debbie likes "blue" and Marcia likes "sea-blue & green" and the colors of a pretty sunset!
7.  What other jobs have you  had? We have both been elementary school teachers in the past.  Marcia worked at a book store and clothing stores during high school and college.  Now she works at the Carnegnie Institute.

Debbie was a teacher, librarian, and worked at several McDonalds' restaurants during high school and college.  
8.  Where do you live and how can we write to you? Marcia lives in Lexington, Kentucky.  
Debbie lives in Sevierville, Tennessee.
You can write to us at Scholastic 557 Broadway NY, NY 10012 or to Debbie at Simon and Schuster 1230 AVE. OF THE AMERICAS NY, NY 10012.  Kids can also write to Debbie in the Kid's Talk section of this website. Adults can contact Debbie here.
9.  Are you married? Marcia is married to Stephen, who takes care of the website Debbie created for her.  
Debbie's husband is Eric-a scientist; and a great, smart, and handsome guy. 
10.  Do you have any pets? Debbie has two dogs: Carmen and Shadow.  Shadow dressed as Hairy PotterShadow likes to throw toilet paper all over the house.  Carmen is a greyhound with a really big bark, but mostly she is a couch potato.
Marcia has two cats.
11.  Do you have children?          Debbie has three awesome children - Nathan, Becky, and Alex.  They are all taller than her!
12.  Do you have a biography we can use for book reports?  Yes.  To make it more fun, click HERE for a downloadable book report form!  Debbie's swamp club has more about her and the events section has more about Debbie, Marcia, and the Bailey School Kids illustrators.
13. Why do some Bailey School Kids books have Don't and Doesn't in the titles and some books have Do and Does?

The original Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series had Don't and Doesn't in the titles, like in Zombies Don't Play Soccer.  Those kids are in third grade.Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear

In the newer prequel, the kids are in the second grade and the titles have Do and Does in them, like in "Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear"

14.  How do you say your last name? Click here.

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