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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

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#16 Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade

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Huey and Ben are fighting.  A stranger in dark clothes with pointy black cowboy boots breaks up the fight.  Later, Mr. Davis introduces the stranger as Mr. Drake, the new guidance counselor.  Liza notices that Mr. Drake’s hand is as cold as ice - "cold enough to be dead!", Liza says.  At lunch, Mr. Drake will only drink lemonade.  The kids notice his pointy eye teeth.  Mr. Davis asks Howie and Eddie to go see Mr. Drake in his office.  When the boys get to the office, they start to turn on the light.  Mr. Drake shouts for them to leave it dark.  When he touches the boy’s shoulders they feel how cold his hands are.  Howie starts putting things together and decides Mr. Drake is Count Dracula.  They see Mr. Drake going into Mrs. Jeeper’s basement.  The next day Howie wears a bright red scarf to protect him from Dracula.  When Howie comes back from seeing Mr. Drake he is very pale and is sniffing.  The kids think that Mr. Drake has turned Huey into a vampire!  Howie figures out that Dracula can’t be seen in a mirror and tries to get Mr. Drake to look in Liza’s small pink mirror.  It doesn't work, but the other kids notice that Mr. Drake’s reflection didn't show up in a glass panel by the back door.  Can Bailey City be saved from Dracula??? 
AR Quiz No. 10689 EN Fiction  LG - BL: 3.6 - AR Pts: 1.0  AR Quiz Types: RP, VP   
ISBN:  0-590-22638-X  Published in 1995 80 pages

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