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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

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#27 Bogeymen Don't Play Football

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A new football coach is coming to Bailey School.  The kids are discussing who it will be when Liza’s book bag strap breaks.  The kids see a black motorcycle coming straight towards them!  The motorcycle rider is dressed entirely in black.  Liza tosses the football in the air and runs.  The motorcycle rider skids to a stop and catches the football.  He is the new football coach, straight off the plane from England.  Eddie doesn’t like it when the new coach tells them they can’t tackle anybody, they’re playing touch football.  Bad things start happening and Huey blames it on the Bogeyman, the new football player and student teacher. 1997  AR Quiz No. 17558 EN AR points: 1 ATOS reading level: 3.40 Word count: 6,265  ISBN: 0590257013 Interest Level Grades 2 - 5 Grade Level Equivalent 3.2 Lexile Measure 550L DRA 24 Guided Reading M  Teacher's page-lesson plan


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