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Kids here is your chance to write to Debbie where Debbie and everyone else can read it!

Press the "Post Your Message" button below.  A new page will open with a form where you can post your message to Debbie. Inappropriate language will be deleted or blocked. She will answer you on "Debbie Talks."


" I am doing resurch on you,and I need to know old you are. "


" hi my name is summer i know i might be 12 but i was going threw some of my of my old books and i saw this book and i thought to myself i had to read it cuz i dont ever rember reading it and after i read it my teacher said we had to do a mini book report and i ask her if i could do on ur book she said yes and i chose to do it on ur book and i have to rate it from 1 to 100 and i put i cant evn rate it because of how good it is i know iam in 7 grade u and might be wondering y am saying this it is that i love ur book from summer "

"dear Debbie I love your books there good and mystireos we'll I'll be doing right to your favorit auther and you are mine. My librarian is very nice. well I have to go I'll write to you on Monday.Today is Saturday November 22,2008 "

"Dear Debbie, I really enjoyed reading your book. You are a very good and funny writer. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you. How come Dominick thought that humans were great? Why Emily ignored Dominick's webbed hands? And why did Dominick lie to Nancy? I did not know you liked lizards like me. Did you know that marine iguanas of the Galapagos Islands feed on algae, which they gather off the rocks at low tide? Debbie, if I ever write a book it will be about Iguanas. If I do, I will send you a copy of my book. I am glad that I chose your book as part of my book report. Please let me know about your next new book! So, I could share it with my classmates. Ps. I got one more question to ask you in Swamp Monster in Third Grade Lizards in the Lunch Line why did you want it to be about Lizards? Sincerely, Robert "
Third grade

"Hey, I know it sounds weird an 11th grader writing to you,but I used to hate reading when I was younger, one day at the library I came upon your books and fell in love with reading. I think even to this day Bailey School Kids is my favorite series :)"

" Why didn't the kids look at the dogtags? But i liked the book."

" Hey! your books rock! I really like Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors! Bye! "
4th grade

" Hey Debbie I like your books they are awesome!!!!My favorite is Leprechauns don't play basketball!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend kara "

" Dear Ms DeDey, My name is David and I'm in 3rd grade. I enjoy reading Vampires Donât Wear Polka Dots, but I think I found a mistake on page 40. What you said when Eddie and Melody ran out of the Clancy Estate they did not have time to close the door, but later on in the page 40 you wrote that ghostly woman opened the door. How did the door close? Can you write back please? Thank you, David "

" how many books for bailey school kids did you write"

"Hi! I love your book Ghostville Elementry. It is a really good book. "

" What is your real name? When were you born? What was the most important moment in your life? What is your Famous Writings? What are your family? What is the most "

"Dear Debbie Dadey,How did you become a author? What is your favorite book to read? You are the best author that ever lived in the hole world. How did you come up with the Bailey School Kids? How old were you when you started writeing? I hope I can be a author like you when I grow up.I am in a young author books club.Do you have any ideas for projects we can do? I can not wait to hear your response! Love, Savannah "

" Dear Debbie, I really, really love your Bailey School Kids books. They are my favorrite series ever. If you can would you please write back to me or show me a picture of you with your books. If you write back to me I would like you to answer these questions. Why did you want to write the Bailey School Kids books? Are the kids you talk about in the book real, but didn't really go trhough those adventures? When did you start writing books? Your books are very intersting. I can never wait to read the next chapter. I've always wanted to meet you since I read my first Bailey School Kids book- Sea Monsters Don't Ride Motorcycles. I'm always looking forward to an adventure in your books. I can't wait to read your next book. Your #1 fan, Jenna"

" Dear Mrs. Dadey, I am making my own Bailey School Kids Book and I was wondering if you can print it.It is called Faries don't take class photos. And you have it don could you send it to my school in Tennesee? PLEASE!!! I have read a lot of your books and I am happy because I got your volume 1 book!"

" Dear Debbie, I would love it if you send me the whole series, I live in Texas."

"why DO you Like to talk to much"
3 grad

"Dear Debbie, Could you send one of those joke book to my house? Kelly"

" send me back the message "

" i would pick werewolves dont run for president because i've read it and its an awsome book so awsome im doing a book report on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

" hi mrs.debbie i just love your wonderful books called THE BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well bye nice talking to you see ya ttyl that means talk to you later if you didnt know that"

"who is your crush "

" I love your books! You should keep writing books. All my friends love your books too! My favorite book you wrote is The Bride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies. Talk to you later. Bye Debbie"

" You visited my school last year Bowie.I LOVE your books I read almost half of them.The one were trolls dont ride roluccoster was ALSOME!!!!Hope fully you can visit my new school this year. Have you wrot any new books yet?How have you been this year? Im doing good this year I have all A's. Hope fully you can write me back.By "

"Hi Debbie its me makayla from bowie.Im no longer at bowie im at a new schol now.What have up been up to? I still have the picture of you and me.Have you made any more NEW books? Well i hope you send me a message back,BY"

"Debbie,I read SANTA CLAUS DOSEN'T MOP FLOORS.It was great.I loved the end,because Eddie was happy his dad was going to be for Christmas.I'm happy cause me and my brother are going to be with my dad for Christmas.My friend is funny cause she told me and my friends"You won't be able to be with me the day of my birthday".We said "Why".So she said "Cause it is the same day as Christmas".Well I can't wait for Christmas.BYE!"

" hi"

" Hi! I love your books. My favorite one is Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp. I have a question.How do you get cool ideas for your books?"

"I love your book vampires don't drink lemonade. It's one of my favorites"
7th grade

"For school, i need to choose a book i've read, and make a mobile. so like, i get pictures from the book and put them on my mobile and turn it in at school. the book i chose is "the bride of frankenstein doesn't bake cookies" and the only picture i could find online is the cover of the book. i need 4 more pictures. do you know any website where i can find some pictures from the book, a picture of there school, and other things? just tell me the website and that should do! thanks. p.s. I love the bailey school books! with eddie, melony, liza and howie! i like the book you wrote that's called "cupid doesn't flip ham burgers" really funny! i've read about at least 13 of your bailey school books! thanks! "

"Dear Debbie,I read the book it was cool.That Eddie is a big trouble maker.I can't belive Howie and Melody dared to go to Mrs.Jeppers house.I would be scared.The good thing is Eddie will behave well.BYE!"

" my favorite book that you did us trolls dont ride roller coasters"

"help I'm doing a book report and i have some questions here they are. do you have any children? where do you get your ideas? do you have any animals? how many books have you wrote in all? do you have any other hobbies besides writing? "

" I love the baliey school kids books. Expeshaly The Bride of Frankenstein Dosen't Bake Cookies. I just fineshed it. I loved it so much I woulden't stop. It is the best book I have ever read!"

" hi "
3rd grade

" On page 25 of Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots, did you mean for Eddie to watch the "second" hand go around for three minutes? You wrote the "minute" hand? "

" Hi Debbie the other day you came to my school. You were amazing. It was lots of fun! I love your books! bye"

" I love your books!My favorite is Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips."

"I like to read your books. I enjoy reading them."

"where do you get your ideas from?"
grade 2

" Dear Debbie I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I think a cool one for The Baley School Kids could be Goblens Don`t Giggle or it could be Goblens Do Giggle. Love Emily"

"Please help! I am writing a book report on Cyclops doesnt Roller skate and the last chapter in the book is GONE! What happens? We cannot find another book please tell me so I can finish my paper thank you very much - Ryan "

"Hi Debbie Dadey You visited my school. I love your books so much. I want to be an author just like you! I already have made some books I still am too.I hope to talk to you soon "

"My favorite book is 'Ghosts don't eat Potato Chips', because it gives me goosebumps and also makes me feel good. I wish I could read all year long, but my mom saya that's ridiculous!!! What do you think Debbie?"

" This was my favorite childrens series. I used to read them all the time. My favorite was Ghost don't Eat Potatoe chips."

" Dear Debbie,Eddie's birthday is the same as mine,April 15th!But we are very diffrent.I'm a well behave girl.My parents are divorced like Howie's parents.I live with my mom and brother.Well I only wanted to add that.BYE! "

" Dear,Debbie I finish reading the book.I belive Mr.Stone is a gargoyle.I though Eddie was going to think Mr.Stone is a gargoyle,but he did not.It was great that Liza saved the library.Maybe when I go to the library I will take out VAMPIRES DON'T WEAR POLKA DOTS.It is the first book you wrote about the Bailey Kids.Well I will write back and tell you if I tock it out.BYE BYE BYE!"

" Bailey school kids are the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hello! Our class has loved reading your books! We wanted to have an author study and celebrate your birthday, but we can't find out when your birthday is. Could you please help us? ' Thank you! Anne "

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