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Kids here is your chance to write to Debbie where Debbie and everyone else can read it!

Press the "Post Your Message" button below.  A new page will open with a form where you can post your message to Debbie. Inappropriate language will be deleted or blocked. She will answer you on "Debbie Talks."


"Hi I have read alot of your books, Mrs Jeepers and The Hauntly's are from Transylvania. And so are Herman Grandpa lily Eddie and marilyn from the tv show (The Munsters) I'm so excited to find out what is in Mrs. Jeepers basement. From the new book that is coming "Mrs. Jeepers creepy Christmas. Do you know by any chance when this book will be out to pre-order? my mom has checked for me at amazon and Barnes and it is on there yet. Thanks Michaela Michigan"
4th Grade

"Hi Debbie Dadey. Happy Birthday! Your #1 Fan Of The BSK Books, Kevin!!"
2nd Grade

"how are you today "

"Debbie, can you come to my school? Our school is in New York."
Florida and Ashley
One and Kindergarten S

"Debbie, I moved from Colorado to Mexico. Now, my school is in Mexico. Mora moved with me. But she wants her teddy. Debbie, can you come to my school? Amanda on a Airplane"
Kindergarten J

"Debbie, my school is in Ontario. Can you visit my school? My room number is 190. It is upstairs. I live in Downtown. Callie"

"Debbie, My school is in Alabama. I am Chinese. I was born in China. I wish you should make a book about a Chinese girl like me. Ying Shing"
Ying Shing

Kindergarten J

"At school today, you came. We had cotten candy. It was a fun fair."
Amanda and Mora
Kindergarten J

"Oh I see My friend Lis wrote to you to and thank you for writting back to me I got a B on my baseball card about you. I think its a good Idea that you could turn the bailey school kids into a tv show! But they wont be as good as your books! the next thing I have to do about you is pretend Im you And write % journal entries so next time you write Back to me write some stuff you like to do in your free time. I have alot of fun writing to you and seeing that you write back to me I think its so much fun.I know you cant write to every boy or girl that write to you but please try to write to me and lis. signed, Kasey P.S I go to school in Florida "
Kasey #1Fan

"Dear Debbie Dadey, I wanted to know what the song was for mermaids dont run trach song that miss waterford taught them because my friend has it and i want to know it and she wont tell me so can u tell me and write back. After your done reading this message i love the books you make with your partner Marcia Thornton Jones you guys make a great team. What will we do without you guys!"

" THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT CAN YOU WRITE BY TOMORROW PLEASE. Hi Debbie I wrote to you a long time ago but im writing again because i have to do this project for school and is a timeline last week i did a report about you and i got and A so im really happy.But now i have to do a timeline and i have some questions #1 when did you wet married, #2 when where your kids born atleats just one, #3 when where your parents born. And can you tell me some other stuff i hope im not asking for to much but is just that i really need your help.I think that my friend Kasey already send you an email because we are both doing you.We both really like your books.Right now im reading angels dont play karate and is really good.I hope you can write back to me before Monday because the timeline is due monday."
Lis fan #1

"The Debbie Dadey contest is closed. You will win a prize Debbie."

"Debbie, I live in Colorado. Can you come to my school? Love, Amy "
Kindergarten S

"Oh my gosh debbie dadey it was so good to hear from you.Every night beafore i go to bed i check to see if u rote me back and tonight must be my lucky night because u did.When u came to my school i thought u looked verry pretty and you did so well at family night .I just finished lepracauns don't p;ay basketball and boy o boy did i have to tell every one i knew to read it and the one person who did went nuts over it and it was like she wanted to marry ur books. Thanks for talkin to me.oh and my sister chelsie says hi and so does my cousin faveorite book is gohst vill elementary GHOST CLASS"
Fifth grade

"Hi Its me again and I have to do a timeline on you for my authors study because I love your books I have a few Questions And please try to answer them by Sunday the 20th #1 when did you start writting? #2 who published your first book?#3 When were your kids born? and some other important dates. I love your books so much my favorite is gouls dont scoop Ice-cream and mermaids dont run track.Please write back tomarrow!! "

"The assembly you gave at my school really inspired me to write more! I have always liked to write and make up stories. I hope one day I can write and have books published like you do!"
6th grade

"Hi Debbie. I read all your BSK books. Ain't that great? The ones I didn't read is Swamp Monsters Don't Chase Wild Turkeys, Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs, Mrs. Jeepers' Batty Vacation, Mrs. Jeepers' Secret Cave,Mrs. Jeepers In Outer Space, Mrs. Jeepers' Monster Class Trip, and of course, Mrs. Jeepers' Creepy Christmas! Your #1 Fan Of The Bailey School Kids Books, Kevin!!"
2nd Grade

"I like your books debbie dadey I wish I can have all of them for free.One day I will get one of your books. I love to read a lot. I love your books. Please give a letter back to me tommorow. love Immanuel. "

"Hi! It's me again. I was just rummaging through your site when I came across your birthdate, which happens to be tomorrow. My birthday is tomorrow too! I'll be sweet 16! Yea me! And yea for you too! I do hope your boys treat you to lots of presents. Lots of luv!"
10th grade

"Hi! Are you going to sign another day? You rock! "

"I want to know what the sound was from WILLOE in the WOODS. "

"dear debbie we liked your books. i wish you could come again. "

"You are good at writing! I'm glad you're books came out. I want to get all of them! When you were little did you believe in monsters? Are you going to still write books when you move?"
third grade

"I like your Books. I hope yuo make mor Books."

"Hi how are you doing? I really liked your book The worst name in third grade. m doing well reading one of your Harry Poter book at home it is good so far."

"How many books did you write? Where do you live?"

"How did you get the name Bridgett Butt?"

"Do you like all the books you made because all the books I read so far from you I like "
3 grade

"I have a teddy bear named bobo and love ghosts don't eat potato chips"
3 grade

"I love you Debbie Dadey!You are cool!"

"Hiya Deb! I'm ganna mail something to you. (SECRET!) Your #1 Fan Of The Bailey School Kids Books, Kevin! P.S. I read your two new books, Leprechauns Don't Play Fetch, and Ghosts Don't Ride Wild Horses."
2nd Grade

"debbie i wrote to you. love your pen apls cindy, jonathan, maryam, maryam, and emma."
Pen Pal

"Bonjour Debbie Dadey, I am Lila from France. I live in Idaho. Can you vsit my school? I was born in France. I am a 6.5 year old girl. My school is in Idaho. Debbie, do you think you should remeber me? Love your friend, Lila. P.S. I am also a penpal."
2nd Grade

"How would you feel by putting my name in one of your books as a main character with Eddie, Howie, Liza, and Melody?"

"Hello Debbie Daidy. I have read alot of your books. They are great. I have read phantoms don't drive sportcars and i own aliens don't where braces and monsters don't scuba dive."

"Hi Debbie! We loved when you came to our school (the same school your son goes to)on the 14th! We really enjoyed it. We also wanted to wish you a happy birthday and we love your books! You really inspired us to write more! Thanks a bunch!"
Kate and Jack
Kate 6 Jack 2

"I love your books you are coming to my school. at laurle"
third grade

"Me and my friend Griffin have a idea about a book .its called Gryfons dont teath piano bye Ethan"

"Dear Debbie Dadey I just wanted to start this letter by saying you are my model and you write funny and interesting books.Speaking of books can I HAVE DRAGONS DONT MAKE PIZZA.LOVE YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN LOUIS."

"Hi Debbie, Mariaym said "Write another book about Bridgett," I said, "Write another scary book" We made a lot of books. We might ask the teachers if you can come to my school. I will ask my teachers if you can come to my school. We are good readers. Your number #1 fans of The Worst Name in Third Grade book Brittany and Mariyam"
Brittany and Mariyam
3rd Grade

"Debbie, Mora is sick today. She can't come to school today."
Kindergarten J

"You're a great author. Thank you for coming to Shepardson elmetary. All fo us had a terrific time. I think it is great how you didn't give up with all of the rejections. Good luck with the other books you're writing. "

"Debbie, I was wondering how much money you make with one book that you publish? Also where is your home town? "

"You should write a book with Alex.It would be fun"

"You came and visted today! You really made Alex mad. I wish you could come back again. Where can I buy your books?"

"Today you came to our school and I forgot my book. I want you to sign it but I don't know how to get an autograph from you. What should I do?"

"Debbie, I live with Amanda."
Kindergarten J

"Hi I have a couple questions #1 What is your husbands name? What are your kids name? Who publishes your books?have any one of your books won an award?"

"Hi debbie me teacher told me that you dedicated a book to her son Patrick . And im trying ti figure out what book that is. Im from shepardson and your coming to visit today (May 14 ) . "

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